Acknowledgments (SIA)

I thank A. V. Fedotov, of Russian Geophysical Company, who coded a major part of the job launcher, of the original version of the monitor, and some auxiliary programs. I appreciate the support and valuable comments by Prof. S. B. Smithson.

Some Seismic UNIX codes are modified and used in SIA:

  1. Resampling routine by Dave Hale used in module MODIFY;
  2. FFT subroiunes, some graphics;
  3. Low-level PostScript subroutines;
  4. Travel-time map calculator (RAYT2D in Seismic UNIX) was used in the module TTMAP2.

SIA was designed to support all FORTRAN and C modules written by students of the Program for Crustal Studies of the University of Wyoming. Some of these modules were included in the system (although none of them were thoroughly tested). Thus I acknowledge the contribution of the authors of these modules.