Maintenance and administration of IGeoS (SIA) system

Similarly to installation, the administration is performed by a special user who is recognized by write permissions to $SIABIN directory. In other respects this should be a normal UNIX user (not a superuser or root). The administrator may or may not use the package for data processing.

All maintenance is performed by sia-update utility. 

Adding a user

Before a user can use the system, he/she should be added by the administrator, by using the following command:

$SIABIN/sia-update --adduser username

where username is the UNIX user name. This command creates directory $SIABIN/configure/username, in which various settings of the processing environment can be specified.

Building the tools and compiling codes

If module descriptions or source codes for example, for tools "filter" and "agc" have been modified, these tools can be built like this:

$SIABIN/sia-update --build filter agc

Other examples for large and complex components (the main libraries, GUI, and OpenGL viewer):

$SIABIN/sia-update --build .source .gui .xviewer

To build everything, use:

$SIABIN/sia-update --build .all

Finally, a complete rebuild stating with clearing all object and binary directories is performed by:

$SIABIN/sia-update --rebuild

Testing the compiled tools

After the tools are compiled, they can be tested for code integrity:

$SIABIN/sia-update --test agc filter
$SIABIN/sia-update --test .modules

Setting up newly compiled tools

Some tools require custom set-up (for example, the IASP91 travel-time calculator "refmod" uses pre-built data tables). This can be done by:

$SIABIN/sia-update --setup refmod

The following will set up all modules:

$SIABIN/sia-update --setup .modules

The above commands are performed by the installer and rarely need to be used.

Copyright (c) 1995-2008, I. B. Morozov
This document updated July 24, 2008