acompAttenuation compensation in post- and pre-stack seismic records
adjustCheck (test) ensembles
agcAutomatic Gain Control
altAlternate module libraries
breakBreak gathers
checkCheck (test) traces or ensembles
closeCommands on closing processing
correlAuto- and cross-correlation.
countCount traces or ensembles
dblistDatabase list
depcon2Depth conversion (2-D)
dskrdDisk input
editTrace edit
eqdbaseEarthquake database
genrateGenerate traces
geomGeometry (2-D)
geom3Geometry (3-D)
guiGraphical User Interface
hdrmathTrace header math
headputTrace header input
horintrHorizon (or horizontal) interpolation
kgenrGenerate synthetic events
loadDataset data load
mig2Pre/poststack migration (2-D)
modifyModify trace
nnANN (Artificial Neural Network)
novastRead NOVASTOR backup sets
parmathFlow parameter math
pfblockPotential field data blocks
pipeUNIX Pipe for subprocesses
plotTrace plot
plwaveSynthetic plane wave*
polanPolarization analysis
printPrint trace sample values
rayinvr2D seismic ray-tracing and gravity modeling
rdgseGSE2.0 data input
rdseg2SEG-2 input
readbfBinary file read
readtabRead a table from ASCII files
reflectReflectivity modeling
refmodReference travel-time model (IASP91)
reftekREFTEK logs*
repeatRepeat traces or ensembles
rsgliRefraction statics analysis
shellUNIX shell
slfiltSlant filter
sortIn-line (buffer) sort
sqlSQL database query
storeStore traces
synlogSynthetic logs
synth2Synthetic reflection waveforms (2-D)
tableList trace headers
tabputPut trace header or data into table
tapedmpTape dump
texanTEXAN event tables
trcmatMATLAB interface for trace data
trcmathTrace math
ttenvelTravel-time envelope
ttmap2Travel-time map (2-D)
wfcalibTime-variant waveform calibration