- A -
accum Accumulate statistics.
acomp Attenuation compensation in post- and pre-stack seismic records
addhdr Add trace header(s)
adjust Check (test) ensembles
agc Automatic Gain Control
align Align ensemble time intervals
alt Alternate module libraries
appatt Apparent attenuation.
assbin Binning
atten Applies attenuation filtering to seismic data.
attrib Instantaneous multicomponent attributes
audit Audit*
avertt Averaged travel times
avo AVO stacks and classification
avoinv AVO inversion*
- B -
back Close the data flow loop.
binstck Trace mixing
blend Blend traces with duplicates
break Break gathers
- C -
cgs3d 3D Generalized complex screen
check Check (test) traces or ensembles
clip Clip zeros
clockrt REFTEK clock correction
close Commands on closing processing
cluster Sub-cluster configuration
coda Coda inversion (f-t domain)
codatom Coda tomography (2-D)*
compare Trace comparisons
conttrc Continuous trace
convert Trace transformations
correl Auto- and cross-correlation.
count Count traces or ensembles
cuttrc Cut trace segments
- D -
dataset Dataset
dbase Database
dbe Datascope input
dbfiles Extract file info into a database.
dblink Create trace headers pointing to a database
dblist Database list
debias DC shift removal
debug Dubugging mode.
decon Deconvolution
default Post default settings
define Symbolic substitutions
delhdr Delete trace headers
depcon Time to depth conversion
depcon1 Time-Depth conversion along a ray path
depcon2 Depth conversion (2-D)
depcon3 Depth conversion (3-D)*
depth2 Depth focusing analysis
difftt Differential travel times.
dskrd Disk input
dumphdr Dump trace headers into a file
dupl Attach duplicates to traces
dxf DXF format file parser
- E -
edit Trace edit
efd3d 3D Finite-difference modeling*
ehdrmth Header math in ensembles
elseif ELSEIF
emd Empirical mode decomposition
end Remove traces
endif Close IF/ELSEIF branch
endprc Close subflow
endrep Remove repeated traces
ensdef Ensemble redefine
eqdbase Earthquake database
erzsol3 Reflectivity modeling (Kennett)
escal Ensemble scaling
estack Ensemble (vertical) stack or unstack
eudecon 3D Euler Deconvolution
expert Post job flow
- F -
fillins Statistical data fill-in
filt2d 2D grid filter
filtab Filter tables
filter Filter
flow Run a subflow
flprop Fluid properties
flsubst Fluid substitution model
flush Flush trace flow
fpipe UNIX Pipe filter for files
fsurf Free-surface P/S amplitudes
- G -
ga Genetic Algorithm
gain Gain
genphas Seismic phase generator
genrate Generate simple synthetic waveforms and traces
genratm Generate multidimensional traces from db maps
genrefl Synthetic normal-incidence reflectivity*
genrf Specular synthetic Receiver Function
geom Geometry (2-D)
geom3 Geometry (3-D)
geomig Geometric migration (2-D)
gls3d General Linear Solid (GLS) 3D finite-difference modeling*
glue Glue time intervals
gmt GMT interface
graphic Graphics configuration
grid3d Equivalent-source interpolation
grmod2 Gravity modeling (2-D)
gui Graphical User Interface
gvel Group-velocity transformation
- H -
hdrmath Trace header math
hdrrule Header math rule*
headput Trace header input
heliplt Simulated hilicorder plot.
histogr Histogram
hodogr Particle motion diagram
horflat Horizon flattening*
horintr Horizon (or horizontal) interpolation
horstat Horizon (or horizontal) statistics
hwt HWT transform (1-D)
hwt3 HWT transform (3-D)
- I -
if IF
image Image
impdnc Acoustic and Elastic impedance
impinv Impedance inversion
imprfl Impedance to reflectivity
incl Include*
info Info
insert Insert trace
interp Trace interpolation
invert Inversion
ipolan Instantaneous polarization analysis
- J -
job Flow and project names
- K -
kgenr Generate synthetic events
kolavp Assign VPs for Kola dataset
kspectr 2D wavenumber (or f-k) spectrum.
- L -
line Geometry (2-D wide-angle)
listhdr List headers
load Dataset data load
loadtab Load table(s)
locate Event location using grid search*
loop Data loop
- M -
macro Macro generator.
magrtp Reduction to the pole
match Matching wavelets
mccpick Multi-Channel-Cross_correlation-Picker
mcomp Multicomponent trace merge
mergeps Merge PostScript files
mig2 Pre/poststack migration (2-D)
mig31 Travel-time map based migration (3-D in 1-D model)
mineos Load normal-mode eigenvector logs
mix Mix traces
model1 One-dimensional model
model2 2D model builder
model3 3D model builder
modeltr Trace-based model
modgrd2 2-D gridded model
modify Modify trace
- N -
naf Noise-adaptive filter
netrd Load data from SMS network socket
nmo NMO correction
nmo3 NMO correction in 3D
nmores Residual NMO
nn ANN (Artificial Neural Network)
nnapply ANN apply
nnplot Plot ANN
nnsave Save ANN
nntrain ANN training
noise Add synthetic noise to traces*
noisegn Add synthetic noise
novast Read NOVASTOR backup sets
- P -
params Flow parameters
parmath Flow parameter math
parstr Parse flow parameters from a string
passegy Load PASSCAL segy (obsolete)
pcomp2 Principal-component analysis on 2D grids.*
pfblock Potential field data blocks
pfgrad Potential field gradients
pfgrid Combine potential field blocks into lat/lon grid
pfmath Mathematical (vector) operations on 2D blocks
phvel Phase velocity
pickfb STA/LTA arrival picker
pickrt Pick reciprocal travel times
picktt Pick common-receiver and midpoint times
pipe UNIX Pipe for subprocesses
plot Trace plot
plotmtv Interactive and PostScript 2D/3D plots (PLOTMTV)
plotrt Real-time trace plot
plwave Synthetic plane wave*
polan Polarization analysis
polmatr Polarization matrix
post Web data agent
potentl Transformation to potential
print Print trace sample values
pritab Print table(s)
proc Subflow
procmat Processing by using Matlab or Octave
project Project geometry points
pscheme Parameterization scheme for inversion.
psvfilt P-SV separation
- R -
radtrac Radial trace transform*
raster Rasterize traces or tables
rayinvr 2D seismic ray-tracing and gravity modeling
rdascii Load traces or well logs from ASCII files
rdgse GSE2.0 data input
rdnetdc Load NetDC reports
rds6 Load traces from SpectraSeis files
rdseed Read IRIS SEED files
rdseg2 SEG-2 input
rdtab Load traces from tables
rdtgate Extract time gates
readbf Binary file read
readhdr Read trace headers from files
readid Read string ID
readlas Load well logs from LAS files
readtab Read a table from ASCII files
readwf Read waveform*
readxml Read XML
reduce Time reduction (LMO) and alignment
reflect Reflectivity modeling
refmod Reference travel-time model (IASP91)
refstat Wide-angle refraction statics
reftek REFTEK logs*
rename Rename trace headers or tables
repeat Repeat traces or ensembles
replace String token replacements
report Prepare report*
resp Load IRIS response (RESP) files into trace headers
restart Restart the flow.
rotate Multicomponent rotation
rpgath Reciprocal point gather
rsgli Refraction statics analysis
rtm RTM (2-D tomography) interface
- S -
s6gates SpectraSeis 'time gate' picker*
savetab Save tables
seispp Interface to SEISPP programs*
setgeom Geometry attributes
setup Set flow attributes
sgstack Stack in shot gathers
shell UNIX shell
single Single-trace ensembles
skelet Skeletonization
sleep Sleep
slfilt Slant filter
slicevm Rasterize velocity model
smsdump SMS data dump
smsget SMS data get
sod SOD (Standing Order for earthquake Data)
sort In-line (buffer) sort
sortcut Resort
spctrgr Spectrogram
spectr Measure spectrum
splitf Split files
sql SQL database query
sqledit Edit SQL
stack Ensemble (vertical or NMO) stack
start UNIX commands at start-up
static Static
stop Stop processing
store Store traces
strind 3D Euler Structural Index.
sunix Seismic Unix
surface 2-D surface interpolation
syncoda Synthetic surface coda
synlog Synthetic logs
synrefl Synthetic reflectivity
synth2 Synthetic reflection waveforms (2-D)
- T -
tabcopy Copy tables
tabjoin Join relational DB tables*
table List trace headers
tabmath Table math
tabput Put trace header or data into table
tabstat Statistical analysis of tables
tabtab Table to table transfer
tabtrnd Trends in tables
tap Tap
tapedmp Tape dump
target Define a processing target*
tau Tau-p transform of travel times
taup Tau-p transform*
tee Trace access point
templ1e Single-trace processing template
templ1t Single-trace processing template
templ2e Ensemble processing template with 2D traces
templ2t Single-trace 2D processing template
templrd Single-trace data reading template
test Code testing tool
texan TEXAN event tables
tgates Extract event windows
timpick Travel-time picks
toolbar Tool bar*
tracer Ray tracer*
tracer2 Ray tracer (2-D)
trcinfo Trace Info
trcmat MATLAB interface for trace data
trcmath Trace math
trcmix Trace mix
trcscal Trace scaling
trueoff True offsets
trutaup True-amplitude Tau-p*
ttedit Travel time edit
ttenvel Travel-time envelope
tterm "Time term" travel-time inversion
ttfield Travel-time field
ttfit Travel-time misfits
ttmap2 Travel-time map (2-D)
ttp (Offset-tau-p) travel times
ttpmap Tau-p map interpolation (3-D)
tvsw Time-variant specral whitening
- U -
undef Undefine symbolic substitutions
unix UNIX shell
use Sub-target*
utm UTM coordinates from lat/lon
utminv UTM coordinates to lat/lon
- V -
varlen Force variable-length traces (obsolete)
vcorr Vector correlations
ve2d Visco-elastic 2D finite difference modeling (Robertsson)*
velmod Velocity model
velmod2 Velocity model (2-D)
view3d 3D view (projector)
- W -
waiteof Wait in EOF
wavelet Wavelet estimation
webmsg Web message
wfcalib Time-variant waveform calibration
wlconv Well log convert
wllog Well log editor
write Disk and tape output
wserv Web service client
- X -
x2t2 X**2-T**2 inversion