GEOL384.3: Introduction to Applied Geophysics

GEOL334.3: Gravity, Magnetic, Electromagnetic, and Radiometric Methods


Igor Morozov (Geology Rm 142; 966-2761),

Labs/Assignment instructor:

Mark Lepitzki:

Mark may not be available for some labs, which will then be conducted by me

Course web page:

13 weeks of lectures, 11 labs.

See the syllabi for GEOL384 and GEOL334 and lab outlines here. Both lecture sets and labs are similar, with somewhat higher technical expectations  from students involved in GEOL334.

Course text (required for GEOL334.3 and recommended for GEOL384.3):

I have several copies to give away for free. This text should also be available from Thanks to the fund established by Prof. Don Gendzwill, this text should be available at no cost. Just mention the class numbers GEOL334 or GEOL384. 

Another good text which can be used instead of Reynolds is:

This text somewhat less complete technically but more oriented toward mineral exploration applications. I also have copies of this text to try out or to give away, and the bookstore can order it as well.


GEOL334 and 384 were taught for many years by Profs. Jim Merriam and Sam Butler, and even before that, about two thirds of this class were included in my class GEOL335 (which is now devoted entirely to seismic and Ground Penetrating Radar methods). In the present format, I will be teaching the combined 384/334 class only for the third time, and the material had been changing through the two years of lockdowns and online delivery.

Therefore I welcome any questions, suggestions, and requests for clarification, expansion, or shortening. 


A new feature of this course is in combining the more general (GEOL384) and specialized for geophysicists (GEOL334) classes in one set of lectures and labs. This is achieved by emphasizing the observational and physical aspects of gravity, electric, and magnetic imaging, with a minimal use of mathematics.

The material intended for GEOL334 is highlighted in each lecture and lab. GEOL384 students will not be tested on the basis of this material. However, the 'advanced' material should also be understandable for all students, and it should be useful for understanding the broader subject of the course.

GEOL384 students will also receive bonus points for attempting portions of the labs required for GEOL334.


Labs will be started during the second week of class (Sept 12), after we complete the initial introduction.

I hope that all labs will be fully in-person in this term. The labs are therefore converted to homework assignments based on the data acquired in the previous years. Most assignments will also use Matlab or its free equivalent called Octave for data analysis and plotting.

All assignments are due by lab time the following week. Late assignments will lose 15% of their original value every week they are late. Assignments will be expected to be delivered by email to me or to the lab instructor above.


Both midterm and final exams will be take-home (open-book) for intervals of about 3 days for midterm and five days for final exam. Exams should be delivered by email to

Formula sheets will be provided in 'Exams' links in the menu on the left of this page.


Lab attendance 7%
Lab assignments 38%
Mid-term exam   25%
Final exam 30%

To reduce the stress of final examinations, I will use the final exam only to improve the current average you earn in the labs and mid-term exam. If by the time of the final exam, you are satisfied with the current average mark, you can skip the final examination. If you decide to write the final, the higher of the current average and the final-exam marks will be reported.