IGeoS (SIA) database model

Along with data (seismic) records, a set database tables is available to any tool in the system.  The tables (and data grids)  are generated by various tools (for example, "readtab" loads them from ASCII files)   Arbitrary tables can be used within any flow, and no reconfigured database structure is imposed. 

At present, this system is being developed in two directions:

  1. Combing multiple tables into complex and consistent database objects and "schemas." The databases will include relations between the different tables and programmable data access rules. Such databases, for example, will simplify generation of 2D and 3D seismic geometry.
  2. The database objects above and data access mechanisms should also incorporate standard SQL-based access to external databases (such as mysql, postgress, or Oracle). Data access to both the internal and external databases should be completely identical.  

Copyright (c) 1995-2007, I. B. Morozov
This document updated February 07, 2008