Using Seismic UNIX codes and sub-flows in SIA

Seismic UNIX codes can be utilized in SIA in two ways:

  1. By converting the individual SU codes into C++ and wrapping them into C++ classes provided by module "sunix" This can be done quite easily, replacing the SU input/output (both parameter and data) with SIA communication and converting the SU codes into complete SIA tools. This has been done, for example,  with ttmap2 (2D eikonal travel-time calculator) and sumigk (post-stack Kirchhoff time migration), supef, and sushape (different types of Wiener filtering).
  2. Without altering the SU codes, by embedding SU processing pipelines as calls of a single tool "sunix".

Copyright (c) 1995-2007, I. B. Morozov
This document updated February 04, 2007