Wide-angle seismic examples

Wide-angle ray tracing. This velocity model is compatible with those used by the popular rayinvr package by Colin Zelt. Vp, Vs, and optionally Q-factor and density models can be displayed in color shading. Zooming and panning, selection of plotting options, colors, and palettes, and travel-time reduction can be varied interactively. The status bar displays any parameters of the model under cursor. In the near future, layer depth and velocity nodes will be modifiable using the mouse. 

Ray tracing integrated with seismic section display and travel-time picking.

The same program is also able to display seismic profiles in their true 3D geometries and on spherical Earth. Here, we show a 3D view of a line from ACCRETE project, with coastline basemap obtained directly from GMT datasbases. P- and S-wave velocities may be selected in the Property Editor (left) and displayed using over 40 preset and also custom palettes. See the SIA processing job that created this display. 

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