IGeoS - Integrated GeoScience data analysis

IGeoS is a highly integrated software package used for many seismic processing tasks in a wide range of geophysical, and ultimately geoscience data analysis. It is being continuously developed since mid-1995 by Igor Morozov, now at UofS seismology, as a framework for integration of geophysical software. 

Previously, the system was called SIA. We have changed the name to IGeoS to reflect the broader (no longer strictly seismic) orientation of the package. 

In our research, we use many types of geophysical data, all of which are being managed and processed in IGeoS:

IGeoS can also be viewed as a framework for integration, development, and maintenance of geophysical software. 

General architecture of IGeoS system


Here are some examples of applications using interactive 3D visualization:

In current development:

I invite contributions from others on the above and other topics.

Key features:

Web services:

Reference information:

Distribution, installation, and administration:

Recent presentations about the IGeoS system:

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