Igor B. Morozov

I am interested in a broad range of seismological research, from shallow, high-resolution seismics targeting 10-100 m depth range to nuclear-explosion and earthquake seismology revealing the Earth's upper mantle structure to 500 - 1000 km.  In my work, I utilize computational data analysis and inversion techniques that help me reveal subtle properties of the structure of the Earth.  Much of this work is non-standard and requires development of sophisticated software tools.



In more detail...

Attenuation and seismological Q

  • Amazingly, many studies on the subject of Earth's attenuation may need to be critically reconsidered
  • We are currently analyzing:
    • Procedures for modeling and measuring attenuation;
    • Effect of Earth's structure in measuring attenuation; 
    • Causes of frequency-dependence of seismological Q and t*
    • General use of Q for describing attenuation;
    • Theory of visco-elasicity.

Exploration seismology

  • Coal bed methane project (in association with IER)
  • Weyburn reservoir monitoring during C02 sequestration

Studies of the Earth's upper mantle using controlled seismic sources

  • QUARTZ - nuclear explosion profile across Northern Eurasia
  • Four other major Deep Seismic Sounding profiles sourced by 14 nuclear explosions
  • Heterogeneity of the upper mantle and attenuation of seismic energy
  • Seismic nuclear test monitoring

Studies of the Earth's upper mantle using natural sources

  • Teleseismic receiver functions
  • The first generalized, truly 3-D, pre-stack depth migration
  • Analysis of teleseismic image quality

Passive seismic monitoring

  • We have designed our own Internet seismograph, communication protocol and sofware
  • Balding Digital network around Saskatoon 

Advanced methods in seismic data analysis and inversion

  • Statistical phase coherency measures
  • Instantaneous multicomponent seismic attributes
  • Seismic wide-angle migration
  • Separation of P- and SV-waves
  • Advanced methods: Expert systems, Artificial Neural Networks, Simulated annealing, and more...

Seismic data processing and software development

  • SIA - integrated, modular, object-oriented system for advanced geophysical data analysis
  • Many tools for seismic data manipulation (waveform and travel-time), ray tracing, and inversion.
  • Integrated data analysis and 3D visualization

Previous studies:


In more detail...

Crustal structure and genesis in SE Alaska and British Columbia

  • Marine-land recording in a fjord
  • Outstanding recording of shear waves
  • See here (relatively) recent wide-angle ACCRETE results
  • New project (BATHOLITHS)

Studies of the World's deepest borehole at Kola Peninsula, Russia

  • Statistical and stochastic analysis of multi-log data
  • Correlation with seismic VSP and CDP records

High-resolution, 2-D and 3-D environmental seismic studies

  • Remediation site at Hill AFB, Utah. Target - DNAPL in a structural trap at 10-15 m depth
  • First large-scale ultra-shallow 3-D seismic study
  • A method of 2-D, wide-angle depth focusing analysis