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Graduate students:  Kamal Abo Jnah, Mohamed Haiba, Osama El Badri, Maryam Safarshahi, Moslem Azarpour
Undergraduate students:
Recent alumni: Muhammad Din, Haitham Hamid, Shannon Blyth, Katharine Zahyanacz, Chris Bird, Peter Dueck, Robert Black, Glenn Chubak, Abdulsalam Swisi, Atul Jhajhria, Chaoying Zhang, Trevor Coulman, Amin Baharvand Ahmadi, Le Gao, Wubing Deng, Yichuan Wang, 

Useful links:

Seismic Methods in Petroleum Geology class by Sandor Sule

"Current trends in airborne geophysics" by Markku Pelonieni, seminar 8 October 2004 at the UofS

"The old and the new in seismic inversion" by Brian Russell, CSEG Distinguished Lecture on March 9, 2007. Here is the same talk in Power Point format.

"The role of amplitude and phase in seismic inversion" by Tadeusz Ulrich, SEG Distinguished Lecture on January 19, 2008

Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (we are a Foreign Affiliate Member)