This year and likely for a while in the future, we combine in one time slot two courses GEOL384.3 and GEOL334.3. Both of these courses  contain introduction to geophysical methods in Earth problems. Here are the UofS catalogue entries for these courses (links open in new windows):

GEOL 384.3: Introduction to Applied Geophysics

GEOL 334.3: Gravity, Magnetic, Electromagnetic, and Radiometric Methods

The first of these courses (GEOL384) is an introduction into geophysical methods for geologists, engineers, or anyone interested  in the deep earth or near surface. The second course (GEOL334) follows the same plan with more physical, mathematical, and practical detail necessary for a geophysics professional. In particular, I strongly encourage the use of Matlab or Octave for performing lab exercises by GEOL334.3 students. Matlab turns out to be extremely useful for all kinds of data analysis. However, this is also a recommendation and not strictly required.

The two courses share the same set of lectures and lab times, with 'boxes' of advanced material offered for geophysics students (GEOL334.3). However, the advanced material should be understandable by all students, and it is strongly recommended that all students read through the entire sets of material and follow them in the lectures.

Detailed syllabi of the courses and different versions of exams for the two courses you can find from the menu on the left of this page.

Learning outcomes

At ether of the two specialization levels, this course is about the use of the most common geophysical tools. At the end of the course, students should know how to select a technique or techniques to match the goals of an exploration or engineering program, and also the basic principles of how to choose important survey parameters. 

Although this is not a training course for modern geophysical equipment, some practical skill at interpretation of geophysical data and the ability to recognize the quality of data is expected as an outcome of the course.

Design of these class web pages

These pages are intended to serve as entry point for all class work. Technical and up to date information (contact info, marking scheme, announcements) is given on 'Info' page also listed in the menu on the left. 

Links 'Lectures' and 'Labs/Assignments' take you directly to the the list of lectures and assignments, with due dates as posted.

Expectations for the exams for the two versions of the course are also given in the separate pages listed in the menu on the left. Exams will be also posted at appropriate dates at these pages.

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Finally, in the menu on the left, there is a simple intro to Matlab and a link to a more detailed Matlab primer by David Griffiths. However, this intro is rather dated, and numerous other Matlab and Octave resources can be easily found on the Internet.