GEOL384.3 and GEOL334.3 Labs

Lab instructor:

Mark Lepitzki:

Mark may not be available for some labs, which will then be conducted by me

Labs consist of several experiments conducted in classroom Geol 265 and in or around Geology building, and also in simple analysis of the collected data. Data analysis can be performed by using Excel software. For GEOL334, the use of Matlab or Octave is highly recommended.

All assignments are due by 'lab' times shown below the following week. Late assignments will lose 15% of their original value every week they are late. Completed assignments will be expected to be delivered by email to Mark or me.

In the table below, I give the lab assignments and data collected during previous years. The assignment texts are currently from the previous year, and I will update them prior to the lab times.


Sept 12

Stairwell gravity assignment worksheet file, data_grey_box, data_green_box, Matlab_example , figure_2 , figure_3 , figure_31 


Sept 19

Gravity corrections: latitude, free-air, Bouguer assignment data file (from a field school in 2001)


Sept 26

Depth estimates from gravity and magnetics assignment worksheet file


Oct 3

Resistivity of core samples assignment worksheet file
10 Oct 17 Skin depth assignment worksheet file Use this data file from 2020


Oct 24

Resistivity in modeling tank (Wenner, Schlumberger, and dipole-dipole arrays) assignment worksheet file


Oct 31

Induced polarization in the modeling tank assignment worksheet file data file from Oct 31


Nov 14

Table-top magnetometer lab assignment worksheet file


Nov 21

Fundamentals of induction assignment worksheet file


Nov 28

Table-top Slingram survey assignment worksheet file

Lab 10 moved to Oct 17


Dec 5

VLF in the Bowl assignment worksheet file Use this data file from April 2022